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Teacher builds an outdoor classroom for students

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 19, 2020

As students start resuming school for in-person classes, a 4th Grade teacher decided to get creative and built an outdoor classroom for her batch of 13 students. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that outdoor spaces are less risky for the spread of COVID-19. In that context, she built a 12-sided figure on the school premises with a tented roof, a chalkboard, and canvas chairs with desktops made from outdoor signboards.

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Designers may create the first prosthetic limb for differently-abled koala

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 19, 2020

Triumph is a koala who was rescued in 2017 since he was missing a leg and wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. He would have perished as he wouldn’t climb mountains and more, which is essential for survival. Prosthetic limb makers in the USA have been trying out unique designs for the koala. Triumph may become the first koala in the world to receive a prosthetic limb.

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Indian teen gets selected for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Happiness Shot from India|September 19, 2020

18-year-old Udit Singhal has been named to the 2020 Class of 17 Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. He is the founder of Glass2Sand, a zero-waste ecosystem that ensures glass waste is crushed into commercially usable sand instead of being dumped into the landfills of Delhi. He is thrilled that he will influence communities to develop more sustainable lifestyles as a UN representative.


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The USA to withdraw half its forces from Iraq

Happiness Shot from the USA |September 17, 2020

The USA has announced that it will reduce its troop presence from 5200 to 3000 in Iraq in September. While they have communicated a continued commitment to rooting out ISIS forces, the decision comes in the wake of having increased faith in the Iraq Security Forces’ ability to operate independently. With this move, the Central Command will continue to guide their Iraqi partners while reducing their presence.Happiness Shot from the USA

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Daughter makes a Twitter plea to support dad’s business

Happiness Shot from Houston|September 17, 2020

Giselle Aviles was heartbroken to learn that her dad’s taco truck business was so deeply impacted by the pandemic that on one particular day, he just did business worth $6. She posted an image of the food truck on Twitter and requested people to retweet the photo to drive new customers to her dad. The photo was retweeted 2000 times, and her father was greeted with a queue of new customers at the food truck.

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UAE will provide full scholarships to kids of frontline health workers

Happiness Shot from the UAE|September 17, 2020

In another gesture to express gratitude to frontline health workers, the Ministry of Education has collaborated with the Frontline Heroes Office to provide full scholarship to children of frontline health workers. This initiative will cover doctors, nurses, hospital cleaning staff of all nationalities and will provide scholarships to public schools only. The intention is to ensure kids get access to quality education while alleviating the financial stress for parents.

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Australia releases the world’s first Donation Dollar

Happiness SHot from Australia|September 16, 2020

Australia introduced the world’s first donation dollar that is designed to appeal to the generosity of Australians. This move comes in the wake of many charities reporting how they have been severely impacted during the pandemic. It is estimated that if every Australian donates a donation dollar just once a month, it will raise $300 million every year, which can be redirected for the benefit of the community!

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UAE approves COVID-19 vaccine for frontline workers

Happiness Shot from the UAE|September 16, 2020

UAE has given approval for the usage of the COVID-19 vaccine for frontline workers after encouraging results from Phase III of the trial. The vaccine was tested on 31,000 people from 125 different countries, including a group of 1000 volunteers with chronic health challenges. The vaccine proved effective in forming antibodies against the virus without resulting in any significant side effects.

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Canada reports zero COVID-19 death since March 2020

Happiness Shot from Canada|September 16, 2020

Canada reported zero instances of COVID-19 death as the death toll stood at 9163 for 24 hours. As provinces gear up to reopen gradually with schools opening up their doors for in-person classes, Canada has reported only a mild increase in the instances of infections. The authorities are on high alert to observe and respond to a sudden spike in cases.

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Institute starts a nursery to create new job opportunities for specially-abled students

Happiness Shot from Bhopal |September 15, 2020

A Bhopal-based institute for specially-abled youngsters has started a beautiful nursery on their premises being managed by their students. The nursery, which has over 2000 saplings, has been attracting tremendous attention from students who are getting trained in all aspects of gardening. Currently, in its initial phase, they believe the nursery will expand and help students create fresh avenues of income by leveraging gardening skills.   

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Angelina Jolie makes a generous contribution to a lemon-aid stand raising funds for Yemen

Happiness Shot from London|September 15, 2020

Two 6-year-old boys have been running a lemon-aid stand in east London to raise funds for kids in Yemen. The boys believe that the kids have no access to basics like food, water, and electricity. It’s their responsibility as privileged kids to reach out and support their less fortunate brothers and sisters. Angelina Jolie, known for her philanthropy, has made a generous contribution creating even more awareness and visibility for the noble gesture. 

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Research shows that kids from dog-owned households are better behaved

Happiness Shot from Australia|July 9, 2020

A study from the University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute shows that kids who come from dog-owned households reduced the likelihood of conduct and peer problems. They are also likely to demonstrate increased pro-social behaviors, such as sharing and cooperating. Walking the dog, actively playing with a dog, or even the mere presence of a dog results in positive behaviors and emotions in kids as young as two years old. 


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