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High school program trains youth in agriculture

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 24, 2020

10 students from different schools in New South Wales have been trained in primary industries through farm placements. The teachers of the agricultural program were surprised to see that many of the students who enrolled did not come from traditional farming families. Students believe that early hands-on training will help open new avenues of meaningful employment in the future.

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Dad with Tourette syndrome uses TikTok to spread awareness

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 24, 2020

Tourette syndrome is when a person performs unwanted repetitive movements or sounds called tics. 40-year-old dad of three kids, Glen Clooney, uploads videos of him baking cookies with his kids which end in a twist with him throwing an egg abruptly or rubbing custard in the kid's hair involuntarily. He has been using the platform to destigmatize the Tourette syndrome and has raked over millions of views in a short time.

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5-year-old boy gifts Baby Yoda doll to firefighters

Happiness Shot from Oregon|September 24, 2020

5-year-old boy, Carver gifted a Baby Yoda doll to firefighters to thank them for putting out wildfires on the West coast. Since many of them are away from their families, Carver wanted to ensure they have a buddy if they got lonely. The doll has been traveling to various fire camps as a source of ‘light and force’ documented on a FB page called ‘Baby Yoda fights fires’ that has 3400 followers.


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Woman feeds Bruny Island with organically cultivated vegetables in her garden

Happiness Shot from Bruny Island|September 22, 2020

Jo Smith went through postnatal depression after giving birth to her twins. To deal with the same, she started an outdoor garden to cultivate vegetables, which helped her healing process. Three years later, she has been absolutely fine and has converted the small garden into a commercial one. Through the lockdown, she has been supplying vegetables to islanders, accommodations, and hotels, which has given her a great sense of pride.

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Girl Scout wins a Gold Award for fighting against stress

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 22, 2020

Winning a Gold Award is the highest honour a Girl Scout can receive for making a difference in the community through 80 hours of service. Lucy Stimson chose to address the growing stress in her community through a FB page where she shared tips to combat stress, fun videos, pep talks, and more. The most visible impact was on her ability to talk about stress and anxiety to her parents, gain perspective, and seek help.

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Three Dubai boys grow their hair for a cause

Happiness Shot from Dubai|September 22, 2020

Three Dubai boys have been investing time and tedious effort in growing, conditioning, and maintaining a long mane. Attached to their hair for strong emotional reasons, having a man bun has been a massive part of their identity. But they have decided to let go of their locks so that they can be used to make wigs for cancer patients who suffer extreme hair loss.

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Sand artist creates art depicting the right way to wear masks impressing netizens

Happiness Shot from India|September 21, 2020

The importance of wearing masks to stay protected and safe in these perilous times can never be stated enough! Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik recently created a stunning piece of sand art depicting the correct way to wear a mask and uploaded an image of the same on social media. This creative message received over 2100 likes over 2 days and many appreciative comments along with reposts.

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Miller beer is bringing back the dive bar culture with this contest

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 21, 2020

The lockdown has made most of us nostalgic for the no-fuss dive bar where we could have good times with friends and beer. Miller is running a great contest where they will give away a dive bar worth $10,000 to one lucky fun through a contest that ends on Sep 22, 2020. The bar will have Miller tap handles, quirky bar stools, popcorn machine, wood paneling, quirky artwork, and more. 

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UAE health minister receives first round of COVID-19 vaccine

Happiness Shot from the UAE |September 21, 2020

After encouraging results from the third phase of clinical trials, UAE gave the nod to administering the COVID-19 vaccine to frontline workers to minimise the risk to them owing to the nature of their work. The trial conducted on 31,000 individuals from 125 nationalities in six weeks demonstrated that the vaccine was safe and effective. In line with this, the health minister received the first round of vaccination to commence the process. 

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Pope makes the most accepting statement towards LGBT community

Happiness Shot from Rome|September 20, 2020

The Pope has always shared kind words towards the LGBT community, but recently, he made a sweeping statement saying that “God loves your children as they are” and “the church loves your children as they are because they are children of God.” The statement made to the  40 parents of LGBT kids gave them a new perspective and strength to accept and even celebrate their kids.

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Ex-veteran helps other veterans transition to the civilian life with video gaming

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 20, 2020

A medically retired veteran learned that 22 veterans die by suicide every day in the USA owing to isolation and depression. He set up his own YouTube channel, Bayonet X-Ray, where he plays video games live for 22 minutes at sunrise each morning—representing the 22 veterans that die by suicide each day. He also shares strategies to combat PTSD, shares tips on healthy eating and breathing.

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U.S. Naval Academy celebrates its first black female fighter pilot

Happiness Shot from the USA|July 14, 2020

Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle has created history by becoming the first black female fighter pilot in the U.S. Naval Academy. She earned her wings as a U.S. Navy fighter pilot and will receive her ‘Wings of Gold’ in late July. Congratulatory messages have been pouring in from all corners, including a message from athlete Billie Jean King, comedian Sen. Kamala Harris and former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.   


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