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UAE uses K9 police dogs to detect COVID-19 cases among travelers

Happiness Shot from Dubai |August 4, 2020

Dubai has become the first city in the world to use K9 police dogs to detect COVID-19 cases among travelers at the terminals. Samples are taken in collaboration with partners from Dubai Health Authority, and results are made available in less than a minute! The trained K9 dogs can sniff out the possibility of infection in just a few seconds. 

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Man’s incredible gesture of love leaves netizens in tears

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 4, 2020

Eva Barilaro grew her hair for the first time in 10 years amidst a fierce battle with alopecia. When she asked her boyfriend to shave her head, she wasn’t expecting that he would shave his too in the act of solidarity with her. She posted the video online, which went viral with over 11 million views. Many viewers shared similar stories of how the story reminded them of cancer struggles faced by their dear ones. 

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Filipino show holds benefit concert for drag queens

Happiness Shot from the Philippines|August 4, 2020

‘Iba Yan’, a public service show in the Philippines, has been mobilizing resources to help people who have been severely impacted by the pandemic by airing their compelling stories on television. They featured the struggles of drag queens whose earning has been affected by the COVID-19 scenario. They also held a benefit concert featuring dramatic performances by drag queens to raise money and awareness for the LGBTQ community. 


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Man reads three newspapers every day to spot the people in need of help

Happiness Shot from Chennai |August 3, 2020

Ajith Kumar reads three newspapers, one in English and two in Tamil, every day since the beginning of the lockdown to spot genuine stories of people who need help. Since March, he has helped many families, including a differently-abled artist who was running out of money and a generous donation to a barber’s family who dies by suicide due to poverty. His intent is to eliminate middlemen and directly route resources to families in need. 

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Granddaughter shares photos of a joyous reunion between her grandparents married for 70 years

Happiness Shot from Georgia|August 3, 2020

David and Loretta Bowen, both aged 90 years, have been married for seven decades. Recently Loretta was admitted to the hospital for colon surgery, and David was beside himself as he couldn’t visit her owing to the COVID-19 restrictions. However, when she was discharged, they reunited at their home with long-lasting hugs, which were captured and shared online by the granddaughter to show how their love is still going strong. 

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Saturn, Jupiter, and Moon align to create a spectacle to remember

Happiness Shot from the Night Skies|August 3, 2020

NASA recently made a Twitter announcement alerting citizens that a visual spectacle awaits them in the night skies on Aug 2, 2020. Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon were aligned in a way that both the former planets were clearly visible post-sunset in the skies. Many netizens captured breathtaking photos with special cameras and posted them on Twitter to share the beauty with the world. 

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New Zealand leads the way for equal-pay with new bill

Happiness Shot from New Zealand|August 2, 2020

New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote in 1893 and the first country to have a world leader opt for maternity leave in 2018. It has now passed an Equal Pay Amendment Bill that ensures that women in female-dominated industries receive the same remuneration as men in different but equal-value work. The bill helps level the playing field and ensures men and women are valued equally for similar work.   

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Giuseppe Paterno completes graduation at 96!

Happiness Shot from Italy|August 2, 2020

Giuseppe Paterno was born just before the Great Depression and later joined the Naval Force during the second World War. Since the focus was on rebuilding nations, Giuseppe Paterno had to trade education for jobs to support his family. However, he managed to pursue his dream 70 years later when he walked up the stage to collect his degree in History and Philosophy at the University of Palermo, becoming Italy’s oldest and dearest graduate! 

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Couple adopts 20 senior and special need dogs

Happiness Shot from New York|August 2, 2020

When adopting dogs and pups, people often turn away from taking in senior and disabled dogs as they require much greater attention and concern. However, a couple in New York has come forward to adopt over 20 senior and special needs dogs so they can find a loving home. They have invested $55,000 to customize their home to the needs of their furry friends.   

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An elderly gentleman helps a young woman with a generous act of kindness

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 1, 2020

Daisy Dinero was working at her usual spot when Joseph walked up to her to ask for water and her most ardent prayer. Daisy mentioned that she needed to collect enough tips to get her car fixed since it had run out of battery, and she needed to jump it every time she wanted to use the vehicle. Joseph accompanied Daisy to an auto-repair shop and got her car fixed, leaving her utterly grateful. 

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Woman finally rescued after being lost for 2 weeks in the woods

Happiness Shot from New Brunswick|August 1, 2020

Jenny McLaughlin was reported missing on July 17, triggering an intensive search for her. She survived for two weeks in the woods by drinking puddle water and eating wild berries. Even though she saw signs of wild bread and coyotes, she kept her calm, and the idea of seeing her loved ones kept her going. Finally, a team rescued her, and she is now home and recovering from her injuries.   

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Dad creates awesome YouTube channel to help netizens

Happiness Shot from Texas|May 25, 2020

Rob Kenney, an amazing dad, started a YouTube channel called ‘Dad, How Do I?’ to help netizens with tutorials on how to fix routine things like unclogging a drain or getting a clean shave. Having experienced a fractured childhood where his father was disinterested and unavailable, Rob’s life focus has been on raising good adults. This channel is his way of sharing practical content and being a supportive father figure whom netizens can rely on.


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