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Sand artist creates art depicting the right way to wear masks impressing netizens

Happiness Shot from India|September 21, 2020

The importance of wearing masks to stay protected and safe in these perilous times can never be stated enough! Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik recently created a stunning piece of sand art depicting the correct way to wear a mask and uploaded an image of the same on social media. This creative message received over 2100 likes over 2 days and many appreciative comments along with reposts.

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Miller beer is bringing back the dive bar culture with this contest

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 21, 2020

The lockdown has made most of us nostalgic for the no-fuss dive bar where we could have good times with friends and beer. Miller is running a great contest where they will give away a dive bar worth $10,000 to one lucky fun through a contest that ends on Sep 22, 2020. The bar will have Miller tap handles, quirky bar stools, popcorn machine, wood paneling, quirky artwork, and more. 

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UAE health minister receives first round of COVID-19 vaccine

Happiness Shot from the UAE |September 21, 2020

After encouraging results from the third phase of clinical trials, UAE gave the nod to administering the COVID-19 vaccine to frontline workers to minimise the risk to them owing to the nature of their work. The trial conducted on 31,000 individuals from 125 nationalities in six weeks demonstrated that the vaccine was safe and effective. In line with this, the health minister received the first round of vaccination to commence the process. 


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Teacher builds an outdoor classroom for students

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 19, 2020

As students start resuming school for in-person classes, a 4th Grade teacher decided to get creative and built an outdoor classroom for her batch of 13 students. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that outdoor spaces are less risky for the spread of COVID-19. In that context, she built a 12-sided figure on the school premises with a tented roof, a chalkboard, and canvas chairs with desktops made from outdoor signboards.

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Designers may create the first prosthetic limb for differently-abled koala

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 19, 2020

Triumph is a koala who was rescued in 2017 since he was missing a leg and wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. He would have perished as he wouldn’t climb mountains and more, which is essential for survival. Prosthetic limb makers in the USA have been trying out unique designs for the koala. Triumph may become the first koala in the world to receive a prosthetic limb.

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Indian teen gets selected for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Happiness Shot from India|September 19, 2020

18-year-old Udit Singhal has been named to the 2020 Class of 17 Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. He is the founder of Glass2Sand, a zero-waste ecosystem that ensures glass waste is crushed into commercially usable sand instead of being dumped into the landfills of Delhi. He is thrilled that he will influence communities to develop more sustainable lifestyles as a UN representative.

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UN efforts have helped save 48 species from extinction

Happiness Shot from Around the World |September 18, 2020

The planet has been on a downward spiral as far as ecological diversity is concerned since the 1970s. However, focused efforts on the UN's BioDiversity program have helped save 48 different species from extinction. These species would have vanished without a trace had it not been for the systematic reintroduction programs, zoo-based conservation, and formal legal protections taking shape since 1993.

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Billionaire Charles Feeney achieves his goal of donating all his wealth

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 18, 2020

The founder of Duty-Free Shoppers, Charles Feeney, had the singular goal of donating all his wealth to uplift people and living ‘broke’. At the age of 89, he has donated over USD 8 billion to education, human rights, social change, and many more causes through his foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies. After achieving his goal, he finally shut down the foundation this week while giving out a message that ‘Give while you Live.’

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Kate Middleton chooses 100 photos that depict life in lockdown

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 18, 2020

Kate Middleton launched a campaign in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, inviting photos from all over the UK depicting life under lockdown. This attracted 31,000 entries in six weeks, of which she selected 100 with the help of a panel of seasoned veterans. The photos will be exhibited in the gallery and serve as a record of the roller coaster of emotions people have experienced in these extraordinary times.

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The USA to withdraw half its forces from Iraq

Happiness Shot from the USA |September 17, 2020

The USA has announced that it will reduce its troop presence from 5200 to 3000 in Iraq in September. While they have communicated a continued commitment to rooting out ISIS forces, the decision comes in the wake of having increased faith in the Iraq Security Forces’ ability to operate independently. With this move, the Central Command will continue to guide their Iraqi partners while reducing their presence.Happiness Shot from the USA

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Daughter makes a Twitter plea to support dad’s business

Happiness Shot from Houston|September 17, 2020

Giselle Aviles was heartbroken to learn that her dad’s taco truck business was so deeply impacted by the pandemic that on one particular day, he just did business worth $6. She posted an image of the food truck on Twitter and requested people to retweet the photo to drive new customers to her dad. The photo was retweeted 2000 times, and her father was greeted with a queue of new customers at the food truck.

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Colorfully dressed wine fairies are leaving bottles of wine to neighbors to spread love and smiles

Happiness Shot from North Carolina |July 11, 2020

Cara Rindell started a Facebook Group, ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Wine,’ to spread joy during the pandemic by leaving bottles of wine at the doorstep of strangers, friends, and neighbors. They collect the address and wine preferences of neighbors, dress up in magical outfits, tip-toe at the door to drop the gift basket, and then run for cover! 51,000+ members in the group are spreading happiness, one bottle at a time!  


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