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Researchers have found transparent solar cells that can power skyscrapers

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 26, 2020

Researchers have developed transparent solar panels that can be fitted into the glass panes of the building to convert sunlight into energy and power the entire skyscraper. The new material and the structure to support it balances multiple trade-offs to provide good sunlight absorption, high voltage, high current, low resistance and color-neutral transparency all at the same time. This exciting breakthrough can have a far-reaching impact on sustainable energy.

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Strangers who met in balconies during the lockdown are engaged

Happiness Shot from Italy|September 26, 2020

Agnelli and D’Alpaos met on their balconies during the lockdown when they would step out to listen to the music being played by their neighbours. Feeling instant attraction, they connected on Instagram and then later on WhatsApp! On ensued night-long chats, which finally ended in a meeting when Italy allowed workers to resume work in May. The couple is now engaged and all set to tie the knot soon!

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89-year old pizza delivery man receives $12k as a surprise

Happiness Shot from Utah|September 26, 2020

Derlin Newey took up the 30-hour a week gig delivering pizza to make extra cash since his social security wasn’t adequate to cover his bills. One of his customers started recording and posting the deliveries to their home on his TikTok account, which has 53,000 followers. Endeared by Newey, the followers all contributed money, amounting to $12k, which left Newey completely overwhelmed.


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Couple lights up 60th-anniversary photoshoot in original wedding attire

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 25, 2020

Lucille and Marvin Stone celebrated their 60th anniversary with a photoshoot that left netizens teary-eyed. They both wore attires from the day that they said ‘I do’ for the first time! The couple was surprised at the amount of love their photos received online as they didn't expect people to be interested in them. They also shared the secret to a long-lasting happy marriage: work hard and be kind to each other.

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Scientists find perfectly preserved remains of ice-age cave bear

Happiness Shot from Russia |September 25, 2020

Scientists have unearthed an ice-age cave bear with all soft tissues intact, including the teeth and nose in the arctic region of Russia. Scientists at the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk stated that this discovery was groundbreaking. Preliminary study suggested that this bear lived about 22,000 to 39,500 years ago. Scientists believe that the findings from the study of this bear will have far-reaching effects on study of evolution for the entire world.

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2-year-old dog gets an emotional support pup to deal with anxiety

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 25, 2020

2-year-old Arnold is a Weimaraner who suffered from exceptional separation anxiety when separated from his guardians. His anxiety peaked, especially when his guardians resumed work. He often expressed it by barking, growling, and chewing incessantly on cushions. As a solution, a family friend introduced a right-sized dachshund who was up for adoption. Ever since then, the Instagram page of Arnold has been flooded with cute images and videos of both together.

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High school program trains youth in agriculture

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 24, 2020

10 students from different schools in New South Wales have been trained in primary industries through farm placements. The teachers of the agricultural program were surprised to see that many of the students who enrolled did not come from traditional farming families. Students believe that early hands-on training will help open new avenues of meaningful employment in the future.

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Dad with Tourette syndrome uses TikTok to spread awareness

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 24, 2020

Tourette syndrome is when a person performs unwanted repetitive movements or sounds called tics. 40-year-old dad of three kids, Glen Clooney, uploads videos of him baking cookies with his kids which end in a twist with him throwing an egg abruptly or rubbing custard in the kid's hair involuntarily. He has been using the platform to destigmatize the Tourette syndrome and has raked over millions of views in a short time.

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5-year-old boy gifts Baby Yoda doll to firefighters

Happiness Shot from Oregon|September 24, 2020

5-year-old boy, Carver gifted a Baby Yoda doll to firefighters to thank them for putting out wildfires on the West coast. Since many of them are away from their families, Carver wanted to ensure they have a buddy if they got lonely. The doll has been traveling to various fire camps as a source of ‘light and force’ documented on a FB page called ‘Baby Yoda fights fires’ that has 3400 followers.

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Lonely widower receives thousands of emails to his plea for a friend

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 23, 2020

A 75-year man lost his wife to pancreatic cancer in May 2020 and has been socially isolated since. In a signboard outside his house, he said, ‘I have my wife. I find the unremitting silence 24 hours a day unbearable torture. Can no one help me?’ Ever since his phone’s ringing non-stop. He has been flooded with emails from people worldwide, inviting him for meals, road trips, conversations, and more.

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Athlete displays outstanding sportsmanship in a now-viral video

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 23, 2020

A Spanish athlete stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that his competitor, a British athlete, had taken a wrong turn just 100 meters before the finish line. He waited for him so his competitor could win the 3rd position in the race. The Spanish athlete believed that his competitor was ahead of him all through the race, and he deserved to win. His incredible sportsmanship has been winning the hearts of netizens worldwide. 

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Teachers impart education to kids of migrant laborers under a bridge

Happiness Shot from Kerala|July 17, 2020

India saw a surge in the news concerning the plight of migrant laborers stuck in transition owing to stringent travel restrictions and severely lacking basic amenities. However, a heartening visual can be seen under the Bolgatty-Vallarpadam bridge in Kerala, which is currently home to ten children of migrant laborers. Teachers from St. John Bosco’s UP School have been teaching kids of all ages every day under the bridge, so their education is not impacted.   


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