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Lifelike robotics pets rescue older citizens from loneliness

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 13, 2020

With the pandemic and the safety guidelines, senior citizens living in old-age homes have been feeling increasingly lonely with no visitors to cheer them up. Many agencies for the elderly have been innovating ways to keep their residents happy. The latest one being the introduction of lifelike robotic pets developed by Ageless Innovation, which have proven to successfully decrease loneliness among 70% of senior citizens involved in the pilot testing. 

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This 4-year old won over a new friend with her compassionate comment

Happiness Shot from Colorado|August 13, 2020

When Sherri Gonzales walked into Home Depot, she heard a little voice defiantly cry out, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ On turning around, she saw this unexpected comment coming from a 4-year old white girl named Cam. Sherri was touched by Cam’s genuine acknowledgment that her life matters. She went over to the little girl, chatted with her, posed for a photo, and even exchanged numbers with Cam’s mother sparking a beautiful friendship.

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103-year old Grandma gets tattooed to tick it off her bucket list

Happiness Shot from Michigan|August 13, 2020

While the world may be coping with the restrictions of the pandemic but that hasn’t stopped a 103-year grandmother in Michigan from getting her first tattoo and checking it off her precious bucket list. She got green-frog tattooed, designed for free by the tattoo parlor for their oldest ever customer. Her grand-daughter posted images of her feisty grandmother getting the tattoo and then riding off on a Harley Davidson bike.   


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Philadelphia arranges free internet for 35,000 families to bring in digital equity

Happiness Shot from Philadelphia|August 11, 2020

As schools gear up to open soon, city officials announced a plan to provide free internet access for 35,000 low-income families that currently lack it. Estimated to cost around $17 million, some households will be wired for free broadband access via Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, and other families will receive at no charge wireless hotspots purchased by the city from T-Mobile. The intent is to make a powerful impact on lessening the digital divide.   

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Small boutique owner finds unique way to thrive in business despite pandemic

Happiness Shot from Georgia|August 11, 2020

When the mandatory stay-in orders rolled out following the escalating pandemic, Virginia Sharp knew she would have to get creative to manage finances despite locking down her boutique store. She leveraged social media by organizing weekly themed fashion shows every Friday. Starting with the ‘White Party’ nearly three months ago, she has covered appealing themes like Girl’s Trip, Yacht Party.  She is now busy shipping orders from new customers based in as far as Alaska. 

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Gates Foundation Donates $150 Million To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccine To Developing Nations

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 11, 2020

COVID-19 cases are increasing at an alarming rate in developing countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and more. The $150 million donation was made through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, an organization that negotiates and finances vaccines for low-income and middle-income countries. The Gates Foundation has now given a total of $350 million to speed up the development of treatments, vaccines, and public health measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic.   

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8-year old boy starts business to support single mom

Happiness Shot from Los Angeles|August 10, 2020

When his mother lost her job due to the pandemic, 8-year old Aaron Romero decided to take matters into his own hands to support his mother financially. He invested $12 in buying succulents and started ‘Aaron’s Garden’ to sell plants, especially aloe vera, which is known for its healing properties. People have been generous in their plant purchases from this unique business, and they have also raised more than $25,000 from the Go Fund Me...

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Couple demonstrates generous act of kindness towards their neighbours

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 10, 2020

Mick and Jill were going to grab a take-out meal when they asked their neighbour if they could bring her something. Having been in a wheelchair with no access to the car, the neighbour agreed. The couple refused to accept any money and continued bringing her meals for nearly a month. The neighbour who was suffering from tendinitis with energy to put together a meal was extremely touched by the thoughtful gesture. 

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Sea turtles put up a brave fight against extinction

Happiness Shot from Tunisia|June 3, 2020

Fighting fishing gear, warmer seas and plastic, brave sea turtles are continuing to make a comeback to beaches to build their nests. The sea turtles who are threatened with extinction are also keystone species, making them vital in the marine environment. An increasing number of turtles are being taken to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre, leading to the island of Kuriat experiencing an increase from 11 nests to more than 40 nests.


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