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Couple lights up 60th-anniversary photoshoot in original wedding attire

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 25, 2020

Lucille and Marvin Stone celebrated their 60th anniversary with a photoshoot that left netizens teary-eyed. They both wore attires from the day that they said ‘I do’ for the first time! The couple was surprised at the amount of love their photos received online as they didn't expect people to be interested in them. They also shared the secret to a long-lasting happy marriage: work hard and be kind to each other.

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Scientists find perfectly preserved remains of ice-age cave bear

Happiness Shot from Russia |September 25, 2020

Scientists have unearthed an ice-age cave bear with all soft tissues intact, including the teeth and nose in the arctic region of Russia. Scientists at the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk stated that this discovery was groundbreaking. Preliminary study suggested that this bear lived about 22,000 to 39,500 years ago. Scientists believe that the findings from the study of this bear will have far-reaching effects on study of evolution for the entire world.

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2-year-old dog gets an emotional support pup to deal with anxiety

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 25, 2020

2-year-old Arnold is a Weimaraner who suffered from exceptional separation anxiety when separated from his guardians. His anxiety peaked, especially when his guardians resumed work. He often expressed it by barking, growling, and chewing incessantly on cushions. As a solution, a family friend introduced a right-sized dachshund who was up for adoption. Ever since then, the Instagram page of Arnold has been flooded with cute images and videos of both together.


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Lonely widower receives thousands of emails to his plea for a friend

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 23, 2020

A 75-year man lost his wife to pancreatic cancer in May 2020 and has been socially isolated since. In a signboard outside his house, he said, ‘I have my wife. I find the unremitting silence 24 hours a day unbearable torture. Can no one help me?’ Ever since his phone’s ringing non-stop. He has been flooded with emails from people worldwide, inviting him for meals, road trips, conversations, and more.

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Athlete displays outstanding sportsmanship in a now-viral video

Happiness Shot from the UK|September 23, 2020

A Spanish athlete stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that his competitor, a British athlete, had taken a wrong turn just 100 meters before the finish line. He waited for him so his competitor could win the 3rd position in the race. The Spanish athlete believed that his competitor was ahead of him all through the race, and he deserved to win. His incredible sportsmanship has been winning the hearts of netizens worldwide. 

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Neighbour extends an unexpected kind gesture towards a couple

Happiness Shot from Australia|September 23, 2020

A couple decided to spruce up the garden space outside their new home with bright flowers and plants. They were exceptionally saddened when their beloved plants were robbed overnight. Many neighbors pacified the couple, sharing that the robbery wasn’t a reflection of the community as a whole, but one neighbor showed up with three plants similar to what they had planted to gift to the couple, leaving them entirely shocked and overwhelmed.

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Woman feeds Bruny Island with organically cultivated vegetables in her garden

Happiness Shot from Bruny Island|September 22, 2020

Jo Smith went through postnatal depression after giving birth to her twins. To deal with the same, she started an outdoor garden to cultivate vegetables, which helped her healing process. Three years later, she has been absolutely fine and has converted the small garden into a commercial one. Through the lockdown, she has been supplying vegetables to islanders, accommodations, and hotels, which has given her a great sense of pride.

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Girl Scout wins a Gold Award for fighting against stress

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 22, 2020

Winning a Gold Award is the highest honour a Girl Scout can receive for making a difference in the community through 80 hours of service. Lucy Stimson chose to address the growing stress in her community through a FB page where she shared tips to combat stress, fun videos, pep talks, and more. The most visible impact was on her ability to talk about stress and anxiety to her parents, gain perspective, and seek help.

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Three Dubai boys grow their hair for a cause

Happiness Shot from Dubai|September 22, 2020

Three Dubai boys have been investing time and tedious effort in growing, conditioning, and maintaining a long mane. Attached to their hair for strong emotional reasons, having a man bun has been a massive part of their identity. But they have decided to let go of their locks so that they can be used to make wigs for cancer patients who suffer extreme hair loss.

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Sand artist creates art depicting the right way to wear masks impressing netizens

Happiness Shot from India|September 21, 2020

The importance of wearing masks to stay protected and safe in these perilous times can never be stated enough! Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik recently created a stunning piece of sand art depicting the correct way to wear a mask and uploaded an image of the same on social media. This creative message received over 2100 likes over 2 days and many appreciative comments along with reposts.

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Miller beer is bringing back the dive bar culture with this contest

Happiness Shot from the USA|September 21, 2020

The lockdown has made most of us nostalgic for the no-fuss dive bar where we could have good times with friends and beer. Miller is running a great contest where they will give away a dive bar worth $10,000 to one lucky fun through a contest that ends on Sep 22, 2020. The bar will have Miller tap handles, quirky bar stools, popcorn machine, wood paneling, quirky artwork, and more. 

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Arizona resident creates record after placing 485 Jenga blocks on one vertical piece

Happiness Shot from Arizona|July 15, 2020

Tai Valianti used his quarantine time to create a physics-defying block tower after he placed 485 Jenga blocks on a single vertical piece. Requiring utmost precision, Tai completed this tower in just 2 hours. The most incredible part of the creation was how Tai expanded the tower outward, giving it the effect of an inverted pyramid. This unusual tower block stood for a full 9 minutes before his son knocked it down in a satisfying...


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