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Rare bird returns to the island of birth after 23 years

Happiness Shot from Australia |August 7, 2020

One of the world's oldest and most elusive seabirds has been found on an island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. The 23-year-old red-tailed tropicbird was discovered as part of a larger research project looking at the significance of the island as a refuge from the impacts of climate change. Tagged on the island in 1997, the bird returned to the same island after 23 years, leaving researchers in awe.

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First Black-Owned Stock Exchange to open in Chicago

Happiness Shot from Chicago |August 7, 2020

Investor Bill Ellison has partnered with lawyer Joe Cecala to create The Dream Exchange, the nation’s first Black-owned stock exchange. The Chicago-based exchange aims to list smaller companies that want to go public, particularly if they are minority-owned. Since announcing the venture earlier this month, Ellison said about 6,000 Black-owned companies have already reached out about listing on The Dream Exchange. It’s a venture to offer opportunities tor imaginative companies in a diverse community.  

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Macy’s donates 1674 dresses for free dress prom event

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 7, 2020

Loveland resident Alma Blanco started a program to make sure every girl could go to prom by offering free formal dresses. Macy’s stores in Loveland and Littleton recently donated all of their prom dresses — formal gowns that remained on the racks when the retailer closed in March because of the coronavirus — along with their unsold children’s Easter attire, 1,674 total dresses for this heartfelt causing making a thousand dreams come true!   


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Local Tanzanian miner digs 3rd rare gemstone and upscales his fortunes

Happiness Shot from Tanzania|August 6, 2020

A local Tanzanian miner, who became an overnight millionaire in June for unearthing two tanzanite gemstones has upscaled his fortune after finding the third large gemstone on Aug 3. Saniniu Laizer dug a 6.3kg gemstone and collected a $2million cheque this time. He had been awarded $3.4 million earlier for the two rare big sized purple gemstones that he had found in the northern region of East Africa.   

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Daughter pens a heartfelt letter for Dad’s 50th birthday

Happiness Shot from the Philippines |August 6, 2020

Richie Anne Castillo grew up with a father who has Down’s Syndrome, and on the occasion of his 50th birthday, she wrote a letter via Facebook that left netizens teary-eyed. In the letter, she expressed how beautiful he has been inside and out; despite a life punctuated with constant hospital visits, he has seldom complained and how he deserves far more love, patience, and understanding that she has been able to give as an “absent-daughter.” 

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Dubai plants 140,000 trees over two years

Happiness Shot from Dubai |August 6, 2020

In the last two years, Dubai has planted over 140,000 trees at the rate of 6,000 new trees every year. According to Dubai Municipality director-general Dawood Al Hajiri, this extensive plantation project is directed to achieving agricultural sustainability, which is part of the broader strategy to establish more green spaces in the city. Known for its progressive adoption of technology, Dubai authorities have beautifully leveraged AI to achieve this ambitious goal. 

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Construction commences on the world’s longest electricity cable

Happiness Shot from the UK & Denmark|August 5, 2020

Construction work has begun on the world’s longest electricity interconnector, which will allow clean energy to travel between the UK and Denmark. The £1.8bn project is a high-voltage direct-current link that will connect the two countries and represents a “major milestone” in the UK’s efforts to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, according to the National Grid. The project, set to be completed in 2023, will run cables 475 miles (765km) under the sea.

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Ryan Reynolds invites people from BIPOC community to intern in his movie

Happiness Shot from Canada|August 5, 2020

Ryan Reynold is looking to hire 8-10 interns with no necessary experience for his upcoming movie with the intent to jumpstart their careers. He is particularly keen on hiring from the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) community along with other marginalised communities since they have been excluded from the exciting process of movie-making! He has also mentioned that age is no bar as long as artists are keen on contributing to the film. 

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First baby koala born since wildfire devastation

Happiness Shot from Sydney|May 29, 2020

Australian Reptile Park is celebrating the birth of the first baby koala since the tragic Australian bushfires, which left koalas harshly injured. The beautiful baby koala has been named Ash and is becoming a powerful symbol of Australia’s magnificent wildlife. Ash’s birth has strengthened the hope for recovery and provided much-needed optimism towards the future of koalas, who are on the brink of extinction.


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