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Philadelphia arranges free internet for 35,000 families to bring in digital equity

Happiness Shot from Philadelphia|August 11, 2020

As schools gear up to open soon, city officials announced a plan to provide free internet access for 35,000 low-income families that currently lack it. Estimated to cost around $17 million, some households will be wired for free broadband access via Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, and other families will receive at no charge wireless hotspots purchased by the city from T-Mobile. The intent is to make a powerful impact on lessening the digital divide.   

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Small boutique owner finds unique way to thrive in business despite pandemic

Happiness Shot from Georgia|August 11, 2020

When the mandatory stay-in orders rolled out following the escalating pandemic, Virginia Sharp knew she would have to get creative to manage finances despite locking down her boutique store. She leveraged social media by organizing weekly themed fashion shows every Friday. Starting with the ‘White Party’ nearly three months ago, she has covered appealing themes like Girl’s Trip, Yacht Party.  She is now busy shipping orders from new customers based in as far as Alaska. 

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Gates Foundation Donates $150 Million To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccine To Developing Nations

Happiness Shot from the USA|August 11, 2020

COVID-19 cases are increasing at an alarming rate in developing countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and more. The $150 million donation was made through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, an organization that negotiates and finances vaccines for low-income and middle-income countries. The Gates Foundation has now given a total of $350 million to speed up the development of treatments, vaccines, and public health measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic.   


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17-year old girl wins $25,000 at the prestigious STEM fair

Happiness Shot from New Mexico|August 9, 2020

Lillian Kay Petersen, a 17-year old girl, invented a simple tool for predicting harvests early in the growing season, which helps to improve food distribution planning and offers a promising resource to aid groups working on global food insecurity. For her exceptional problem-solving and leadership abilities, she bagged the top position at the nation’s oldest and most prestigious STEM competition for high school seniors.   

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10-year old boy sets up a foundation to help those in need

Happiness Shot from California|August 9, 2020

Parker Olaerts is proof that one can always make a difference. Moved by the suffering of homeless people, he has started an organization called Little Advocates to support people with all sorts of help. For his 11th birthday, he has raised $7500 to help a boy diagnosed with a severe medical condition. His kindness has attracted a lot of volunteers who are inspired by his dream to uplift others.   

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Grandfather comes out of the closet at 90

Happiness Shot from Colorado |August 9, 2020

Kenneth Felts realized he was gay in 1942 when he was just 12-years old. But being from a thoroughly religious family, he never expressed his sexual orientation. Even though he fell in love with a man named Philip, he married a woman and fathered a daughter out of society’s intolerance for the gay community. However, at 90, when he declared is gay via Facebook, he was met with a lot of warmth and acceptance. 

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Parishioners mobilize home-made meals to help the impacted

Happiness Shot from Pennsylvania|August 8, 2020

St. Andrew’s parishioners have been assembling meals for elderly and shut-in residents for 37 years, but the coronavirus put a halt to this thoughtful gesture. But Caring for Friends, the organization that distributes the meals, came up with the idea for the parishioners to make meals in their homes. They enlisted neighbors to help, and pretty soon, the volunteers were cranking out 1,000 meals and 400 containers of soup each week. 

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14-year old raises $7000 to help senior dogs find permanent homes

Happiness Shot from San Jose|August 8, 2020

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is an organization that rescues thousands of senior dogs and helps them find permanent homes. Meena Kumar was a 12-year old empathetic girl who was touched by the cause but was too young to volunteer at Muttville. She, therefore, started petting service at her own home at the rate of $35 an hour and has raised over $7000 over the last 2 years, which has been donated to support Muttville.   

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Dads adopt 5-month-old over Zoom

Happiness Shot from Florida|June 1, 2020

Anthony Lach and Chris More formally adopted adorable Parker Terence Lachmore over Zoom after meeting him in the NICU for the first time. The couple and their families from across the states came together to adopt Parker and officially add him to their heartwarming family after he battled critical medical difficulties. Anthony and Chirs were also surprised with a wonderful and heart-rendering parade with 48 cars after their original grand adoption ceremony plans were canceled.


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